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Auckland Chapter Vice President VOTING


As there have been 2 members nominated for the position of Vice President Auckland, votes can now be made using the online election poll below.

  • Votes close Sunday 9th April 2023
  • Printed copies of this page will not be accepted
  • All votes will be scrutineered by the Information officer to ensure that they are genuinely from members eligible to vote
  • Each financial member of the Auckland Chapter are entitled to place a vote. All ineligible votes will be discounted.
  • Results of this election will be made available after the voting has closed


Justin Bryce

I am a proud Triumph owner and TRMCC member since 2018. I enjoy being part of the Auckland Chapter and meeting other chapters for rides and weekends away.
I have enjoyed the social side of Auckland and want to step up to support the chapter to move forward.
I believe in input from all members to ensure we are listening to what the Auckland chapter and TRMCC club need to be a successful and enjoyable club.
I am married with two children who all support my love of riding with the club. My work background is in logistics and organising successful outcomes for all I work with.
I have been a happy member, but want to step up for the future of Triumph Riders Auckland and would appreciate your vote of confidence in doing that 🏍
Cheers Justin

Jimmy Nash

To all members of the Auckland chapter of TRMCC, those who don’t know me I’m Jim or Jimmy Nash, I’ve been a club member for the past 8 years, I’ve held the VP position of the Auckland chapter along with Warren Miller who was the president at that time, so if you don’t remember back then now’s the time to pay attention!
I’m throwing my hat in the ring again for the position of VP of the Auckland chapter.
Over the years our chapter has done numerous club events, weekends away, AGMs, club rides, bike shows, dice runs etc and the best part of it all was/is we had a bloody good time with lots of laughs along the way.
I’m not a fan of politics or unnecessary red tape but I am a big fan of riding and having a good time, I may not be the most involved with events on occasion due to working out of town when required but if I’m elected as your chapter VP I will do my very best to keep the fun factor and social cohesion we all want and need moving forward.


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