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2023 TRMCC AGM Update

The following information relates to the programme for all attendees to the 2023 AGM in New Plymouth on the 17th to the 19th February.

NOTE: If you are planning to attend and have not yet registered, registrations and meal orders close on the 10th February. Full details can be found here. Registration and meals can be ordered here through our online shop.


Please note while we encourage everyone to have an enjoyable and social time:
a) Safety at this event is paramount. Responsible behaviour and a concern for the safety, and consideration of all others in attendance is expected.
b) This includes the Club's official AGM ride. Anyone not following the instructions of the appointed AGM Ride Road Boss will be asked to leave the ride; likewise for any breaches of riding etiquette endangering the safety of others or themselves (e.g.: passing on the inside).
c) As the Club is legally accountable under section 248(3) of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 any person deemed intoxicated by the organisers will not be supplied with any further alcohol.

AGENDA, Remits & Nominations

The agenda and remits are available below.
Any items for General Business were required to be filed with the National Secretary no later than 3rd February 2023, 5pm in order to allow scheduled time for discussion. Because of timetabling demands of other events related to the AGM weekend, no other matters of General Business will be accepted after this date. Under the Club’s constitution remits can only be voted on by those in attendance at the AGM.

There were 2 nominations for the position of Vice President North Island. A separate email has been sent to those members eligible to cast a proxy vote for this position. This means you must be a full financial member of a North Island Chapter. Associates and South Island members are ineligible. Further information can be found here.