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North Island Vice President PROXY VOTING – 2023


As there have been 2 members nominated for the position of Vice President North Island, and there will be members unable to attend the AGM and vote in person, Proxy votes can be made using the online election poll below.

  • Proxy votes close midday 16th Feb 2023
  • Printed copies of this page will not be accepted
  • All votes will be scrutineered by the returning officers to ensure that they are genuinely from members eligible to vote
  • Each financial full member of all North Island Chapter’s are entitled to place a vote. All ineligible votes will be discounted.
  • Results of this election will be made available on the 18th February at the 2023 AGM
  • Guidelines on voting can be found here


Shane Hurley

Shane Hurley
Shane Hurley

My current role is North Island Vice President (NIVP). I have held this position since the Wanganui AGM in 2021. In addition to this I am also the current Taranaki President.
I joined TRMCC in 2016. In the time I have been in TRMCC I have been in the role of Taranaki President twice, and have also shared the important National Membership role until this could be filled, at the same time managing my NIVP duties.
I am in the role of NIVP to bring positive input to this club, and I have a number of goals I want to achieve. They have been delayed by Covid in my tenure, however I look forward to the opportunity to see these through.
A Vice Presidents role can be testing at times, and I have had to make some tough decisions in my roll as NIVP to resolve issues and conflict. I have the skills to do this.
In developing relationships with as many members as possible, I attend several North Island events each year. I also support the South Island Dice runs and have strong ties with many members in the South Island. Chris Harvey (SIVP) and I talk regularly about all Chapters and ideas to assist Chapters. This will continue if I am re-elected. I like to think that all TRMCC travellers are welcome to the Shed and I have hosted many members here. I am very passionate about TRMCC and have made many great friends around New Zealand.
I look forward to continuing to give 100% to the NIVP roll if re-elected and working for you.

Thanks Shane

Rob Thorne

Rob Thorne

I’m Rob Thorne,
I have been a member for 8yrs, 4 of which I was Auckland Chapter President.  I have remained on the committee as the Secretary for 2yrs and currently the Auckland VP.
I am  passionate about Triumph Riders, I only ride our name sake, Triumphs and would like to be part of the positive movement forward.  I would like to focus on getting more cohesive communications with neighbouring chapters and chapter rides.
As the Auckland members are aware, I’m always available and approachable and not afraid to give me a call. I’m always available to discuss matters with members and hear their thoughts and suggestions for various matters of the chapter or the club generally.
I believe that our foremost part of joining and staying in this club is riding our bikes, the companionship and bonds made of like minded people and just having fun doing all of that.


This poll is no longer accepting votes

Please select one of the following candidates for the position of North Island Vice President on the National Executive. Financial members from all North Island Chapter's are eligible for a single vote. Multiple votes will be discounted. All information requested below must be supplied or your vote will be discounted.

NOTE: Any member eligible to vote for the North Island VP role wishing to make a verbal proxy vote instead of using the above election poll may do so by ringing the returning officers and provide their name, chapter and membership number and their candidate of choice. Please ring either Chris Harvey 0217 222 2388 or Chris Guy 027 469 3969.