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you could not wish to meet a more genuine bunch

When I arrived in New Zealand the first thing I noticed was what a beautiful country to explore by motorcycle so of course I went out and bought a Triumph.  After a year of solo riding I started to look at various riding clubs and came across the Triumph Riders, I was intrigued as I had only heard of one Triumph group before then so was unsure which club to join.  I was talking to a friend and colleague at work one day and the conversation got onto Motorcycles, when I mentioned that I rode a Triumph my friend produced a business card stating he was the National President of the Triumph Riders Motorcycle Club (now Patron of this fine club) – my debate was over and I promptly joined.

That was six years ago and since then I have enjoyed many rides and events with the Canterbury Chapter and attended AGM’s and Poker run’s involving Chapters from both the North and South Islands. I have met many people from all walks of life and now regard them to be lifelong friends; my social life has been greatly enriched by joining the Triumph Riders Motorcycle Club – it’s members are passionate about the brand and you could not wish to meet a more genuine bunch. I know that if I am in any part of the country and need a hand or just want to meet up, my Triumph Whanau are never far away.