Tuesday, 20 November 2018 17:42

Highest turnout for Triumph Riders Wanganui Chapter's motorcycle dice run

A group of 127 riders left the Caltex station and rode down Victoria Ave on Triumph motorcycles on Saturday as part of the eighth annual dice run.


It was the largest number of riders to have participated in the event organised by the Triumph Riders Wanganui Chapter, a club started in 2011.

Triumph Riders Wanganui Chapter president Mal Skinner said he came up with the idea for a dice run after seeing one in Australia.

x127 riders departed from Caltex on Victoria Avenue for the eighth annual Triumph Riders Wanganui Chapter dice run. Photo / Stuart Munro

"Some clubs have poker runs, but we have a dice run. You throw four dice in a tumbler into a little leather suitcase," Skinner said.

"We have a roll at different stops and the person who rolls the highest gets an allotted amount of money."

The highest roller at each stop received $50 and there were spot prizes throughout the day. The event concluded with a barbecue.

Anyone could take part in the run, as long as they drove a Triumph or Bears bike, which means it had to be from the British, European or American racing series.

While the Wanganui chapter event went off without a problem and everybody had a good time, other motorcyclists on New Zealand roads were not so fortunate.

Crashes in Buller, West Auckland and Southland have resulted in the deaths of three people and another is in a critical condition.

"It's a very individualist thing motorcycle riding, each guy has to take ownership and handle his machine," Skinner said.

"Most of the time it's a rider failing to take a corner or something like that. There's a whole lot of things that come into it, tyre pressure and stuff like that makes a big difference."

More Photos by Neil Ihaia

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