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Membership Conditions:

Full membership is only available to those who own/ride a Triumph motorcycle, whether it be a Coventry, Meriden, Hinckley or other. Partners who do not own a Triumph cannot be members, but are more than welcome on our rides and events. It is a requirement that members participate in rides and events when they are able to.

Associate membership is available to BEARS bikes only and is subject to nomination by an existing member.


Cost $35.00 for initial application. $35.00 every year thereafter.

We do not include Japanese or other non BEARS (British, European, American) bikes in any of our events.

Hi-vis jackets, vests etc are not acceptable.


Contact your local chapter president or the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.

You can join us by filling out the online Membership Application form or printing a copy of this page and post to P.O. BOX 5066 Rotorua West 3044


Payment can be made online to:

Triumph Riders MCC 02 0792 0069435 000

Note: All new memberships have an expiry date of 1 September. For those who have joined partway through the year, the 2nd year's membership fee will be discounted to reflect this. uses session cookies to maintain site navigation. Continued use of this site signifies your acceptance.
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