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Don Clifford Memorial Ride

Earlier this year, a group of bikers from the North Island went on a bike trip around the South Island for a week.  These are people from the very recently formed Port Riders group – most of them ride Triumphs, with some BEARS bikes thrown in.

It was during this trip that they met Don, and he joined them on their “Port Riders Tour”. Don had just attended the Triumph AGM and he regaled them in Don like fashion, of his time at the AGM and what an awesome bunch everyone was. The trip was amazing and they made plans for another trip in 2022.  They were all devastated to hear of Don’s passing just a week after they arrived home and they have re-named their yearly ride the “Port Riders – Don Clifford” memorial ride.

They would like to extend an invitation to any riders that would like to join them.  Further details can be found here: Don Clifford memorial ride The dates are 27th March 2022 to 3rd April 2022.