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We’re enthusiastic about Triumph motorcycles. We’re passionate about riding them!


We enjoy getting together to share our experiences and our love of motorcycles.


We help each other in whatever way we can, whether it be sourcing parts or reaching out to our friends in need.


Triumph Riders Motorcycle Club (TRMCC) consists of members who are passionate about Triumph motorcycles, whether they be from the Coventry, Meriden or modern Hinckley era.

We enjoy good companionship, good rides and always welcome the opportunity to meet like-minded people. The club was formed to meet the need of Triumph enthusiasts to have a brand specific club.  Full membership requires that you own and ride a Triumph motorcycle, but associate membership is open to those who own and ride a BEARs motorcycle.

you could not wish to meet a more genuine bunch

I have met many people from all walks of life and now regard them to be lifelong friends; my social life has been greatly enriched by joining the Triumph Riders Motorcycle Club – it’s members are passionate about the brand and you could not wish to meet a more genuine bunch. I know that if I am in any part of the country and need a hand or just want to meet up, my Triumph Whanau are never far away.

Canterbury Chapter

it’s also how we met as a couple

Joining TRMCC has been one of the most rewarding life experiences for both of us. Not only have we met and made some of our best and closest friends through the Club but it’s also how we met as a couple. With both of us having an uncompromising passion for owning and riding Triumph motorcycles, the Club has become our second family.

Kahren & Gerry
Auckland Chapter

great friends

I had no intention of riding with a club and had been happily doing my own thing; in fact, I actively shied away from group rides for a myriad of reasons. I went for a single ride with the Taupō chapter and this changed things; this chapter and some of the wider TRMCC have become great friends which I get to scheme up the ‘what next’ adventure with.

Rebbecca P
Taupo Chapter

made new friends all over both Islands

Since joining TRMCC in 2016 I have seen more of NZ than ever before and made new friends all over both Islands and the best bit …. it’s been on a Triumph.

Shane H
Taranaki Chapter

I enjoy both the social aspects & riding with the club

I had arrived in Nelson from Australia and brought my Bonneville with me.  I was looking for like-minded people to ride with and discovered TRMCC.  I enjoy both the social aspects & riding with the club. I had good times last year on the Canterbury Chapters “High Country Run” and I’m looking forward to many more years of that.

Chris G
Nelson Chapter

I love the club and its people

Three years ago, my two sons having left home, I decided to learn to ride a motorcycle and became a member of Triumph Riders Motorcycle Club shortly thereafter.  I love the club and its people.  I enjoy attending chapter events throughout New Zealand – every chapter being unique in its environment with diverse members who come together because of a passion of Triumph Motorcycles.

Jo S
Wellington Chapter

they taught me how to ride and how to look after my bikes

I was a very new rider when I joined TRMCC and feel grateful for the support and assistance my fellow club members offered me. In effect they taught me how to ride and how to look after my bikes.  Fast forward a few years and I now have the confidence and skills to ride on my own.

Audrey S
Canterbury Chapter



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